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Welcome to the metadataLibrarians listserv

This listserv is intended for Metadata Librarians, Digital Librarians, Metadata Architects, Information Architects, and other professionals working in cultural heritage institutions and the information sciences.

This list is geared toward discussing qualitative issues central to the metadata and digital library world. Discussions on popular metadata standards such as EAD, METS, MODS, MARCXML, DC, OAI, etc., will be prominent. The list also serves as a forum for discussing workflow issues in our respective insititutions, as well as a meeting place for collaborating.

Some technical discussion is certainly welcomed. Because metadata professionals come from all disciplines and technical backgrounds, though, we prefer to keep the discussion fairly non-technical. Heavy technical discussions regarding metadata and digital libraries can be found on XML4LIB, CODE4LIB, diglib, SYSLIB, etc.

Some recent discussions include:

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the list archives.

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